Friday, January 23, 2015

Diabetes Complication

Complication of diabetes

People with diabetes have increased at the risk of many serious health problem. With the recommended lifestyle changes and correct treatment, Diabetes patient are able to prevent the onset of complication . Constantly high blood glucose levels can lead to serious diabetes complication like cardiovascular disease,blindness,kidney failure and lower limb amputation .
Keeping under control blood glucose levels,blood pressure and cholesterol at or close to normal can prevent the onset of diabetes complication. That"s why patients with diabetes need regular monitoring.
Cardiovascular disease : Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death in patients with diabetes. The major risk factor of it are high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood glucose level which are more responsible of cardiovascular complication.
Diabetes ratinopathy: Some patients with diabetes may be developed eye disease(ratinopathy) causing reduced visions or blindness. Persistently high blood glucose levels, together with high blood pressure and high cholesterol are the prime cause of eye disease. Every things can be managed by regular eye checks and keeping lipid,glucose and pressure at normal range. Beside this You can follow here.
Kidney disease: Kidney disease is much more common in patient with diabetes than in those without diabetes. Maintaining at normal levels of blood pressure and blood glucose can reduce the risk of diabetes nephrophathy.
 Nerve disease: Patients with diabetes can cause his/her nerve damage throughout the body when blood glucose or blood pressure is higher than at normal levels. It can lead to problems with digestion and many other problems. Among all problems most common problem is extremities in particulars the feet.The nerve damage in these area are called peripheral neuropathy .
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