Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Allopathic Treatment for diabetic patients

Treatment for type 2 diabetic patients

When your type 2 diabetic patient is uncontrolled with metformin  monotherapy, Switch to 

Sitagliptin+Metformin Combination
Combination is a novel drug that provides both STRENGTH & SAFETY.This combination is that the first ever FDA approved DPP-4 ( dipeptidyl peptidase 4) in the world.

Sitagliptin assists metformin to exert its additional benefit on GLP-1 & GIP enhancement. (Source no-1) 

For Patients with HbA1c>8%, initial therapy with sitagliptin-metformin provides effective reduction in HbA1c,FPG and  PPG.  (Source no-2)

For patients withHbA1c>7.5, initial therapy with sitagliptin-metformin provides very low rate of hypoglycemia compared to placebo or monotherapies. (Source no-3)

For patients with HbA1c>8%,initial combination therapy with sitagliptin-metformin provides larger improvements in beta-cell function than with placebo or monotherapies. (Source no-4)

We can conclude that sitagliptin-metformin delivers

Action against 3 key defects of type 2 diabetes. (Source no-1)

Acts on

# Reduced insulin secretion
# Increase insulin resistance
# Hepatic glucose overproduction.

Efficacy (Source no-1)

# Effective reduction in HbA1c
# Effective reduction in FPG & PPG


# Very low rate of hypoglycemia with no severity 
# Increase beta-cell function
# No risk of weight gain.